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The Summer "Heat Domes" have begun. How are you beating the heat?

Updated: Jul 10

Weather transitions are tough! You may develop skin rashes and are beginning to sweat profusely. Sometimes you will swell at night more than usual. Good skin care and a good routine with your liner and shrinker is always important. Yes, the shrinker! If you haven't worn one in a while, it may be time to pull it out again!

If you have a rash, A&D ointment is still an excellent option. Before you go to bed, use unscented baby wipes with no dyes and wipe the entire leg down. The rashes often start appear at night so if you wipe the bacteria off before you go to bed, it will help. Remember to wash your liner thoroughly inside and out.

If you wear a liner, remember to remove and wipe down regularly (including your limb). This will help prevent irritations from slipping in that sweaty liner. We are also finding success with our new "Cool Flow Control"(CFC) sockets, particularly if you are a suction wearer. Let us know if you would like more information.

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