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Wade Skardoutos, CP

President/CEO, Board Certified
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Mr. Skardoutos is a Board Certified Prosthetist who began his career working with his grandfather Wade T. Hampton. Continuing in his grandfather's lifework, Wade became Board Certified in Prosthetics in 1995 and is known for finding innovative solutions for unique and difficult cases.  He is an expert in all levels of amputation and technologies. 


In 2002, he launched his inaugural clinic in Hollister with the aim of fostering genuine connections among patients. Witnessing its positive effects, he expanded his reach by opening a second clinic in Santa Clara. The location features an integrated Confidence Training Center, designed with an open concept to further promote client engagement and self-assurance.  "If I make a great prosthesis but the person is not confident enough to use it, then how is that helping them? I want to help people feel confident to use their prostheses in any situation!" 


Given Wade's fondness for food, your vivid descriptions of your latest family BBQ might grab his attention - just a heads up!

Susan Stenman, CP

Clinic Director/Director of Clinical Education , Board Certified
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With an MS in Biomedical Engineering, Ms. Stenman brings expertise in biomechanics and gait analysis, along with her Board Certified Prosthetist credential earned in 1998. She is an expert in all levels of amputation and technologies.  Her professional journey with Wade began in Detroit, MI in 1997. They reunited in 2010 to establish and launch the Confidence Training Center and Fitness for Life Clinics initiatives in the Bay Area. Following a break to care for family in 2021, she has now returned!


Her passion lies in connecting patients with essential resources, embodying a holistic approach to client care. Recognizing the uniqueness of each person's challenges, she remains dedicated to improving lives through genuine support and practical solutions. Reflecting on her work, she acknowledges the multifaceted nature of her role. When faced with a patient saying "I can't," she promptly seeks ways to transform it into "I can."


Driven by a competitive spirit, challenging her to a game of Corn Hole or volleyball may not be advisable.

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