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President/CEO, Board Certified

Wade Skardoutos, CP

Mr. Skardoutos is a Board Certified Prosthetist who began his career working with his grandfather Wade T. Hampton. Board Certified in Prosthetics since 1995, he opened his own firm in 2002. During his residency and early career at Wright and Filippis, Inc. in Detroit, MI, he quickly became well known for finding innovative solutions for unique and difficult cases.  He is an expert in all levels of amputation and technologies. He was a pioneer in the CAD/CAM movement at Henry Ford Hospital and RIM in Detroit.  To maximize patient success in response to decreasing rehabilitation opportunities,  he started a comprehensive training program for his patients  and introduced the Amputee Walking School program in 2005.  Today that program has grown to the Fitness for Life Clinics offering opportunities to all amputees in the Bay Area!  With his passion for helping amputees, he continues his grandfather's lifework and keeps the highest quality of prosthetic care in the family!

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