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Prosthetic Solutions is dedicated to excellence through our Board Certified Prosthetists, who excel in crafting cutting-edge systems tailored to individual needs.


At the heart of our support model lies our

Confidence Training Center.

A hub for peer-to-peer training, patients benefit from top-tier education, advanced technology, and comprehensive functional control training, setting a regional standard.


Our commitment extends beyond mere functionality; we empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives with confidence and dignity.

Your Time Matters
With in-house prosthetic production, we streamline the fitting process. Clients should expect a turnaround time of 2 weeks or less once insurance has approved the device.

Visiting us from out of the Bay Area or out of State?
With in-house manufacturing, we can fit and finish quickly. If training is also needed, we can set you up for work in our Confidence Training Centers where you will also meet others working out or training. There are many stunning places to visit during your stay here.
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