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Prosthetic Evaluations

All initial prosthetic evaluations are free of charge. These appointments give us the opportunity to meet, evaluate your case, and determine your insurance eligibility. This is a great time to ask questions and learn more about our process, our outcomes, and our prosthetic training programs. No prescription is required at this time. 

New Prosthetic Socket, System, and/or New Supplies 

A face-to-face appointment with your physician is needed. Required documentation from your physician will be needed. Medicare requires these documents and private insurances now require the same information. To expedite the process, you can call our office to request a detailed prescription to bring to your physician appointment. Please give us 48 hours to prepare the prescription. Once we receive the paperwork, we will submit to your insurance company for any required pre-authorizations.

Minor Repairs and Adjustments

No prescription is needed. Make an appointment to be seen in the office and any further documentation needed from your physician can be discussed at that time.

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