“I was so thankful to be referred to Prosthetic Solutions.  I was not only fit well, but they continued to work with me and my therapist to help me walk correctly. They connected me to the Fitness for Life Clinics and I met new friends while mastering  skills.  I am happy to report that I am in my 70s and playing tennis again as an above knee amputee!  When I hear the road others have taken to find the right prosthetic company, I truly realize that I chose my prosthetic care wisely."

Ted Wong,
Above Knee Amputee and Peer Mentor

"Three years ago, I unexpectedly became a bi-lateral below knee amputee. I tried several Prosthetic-Orthotic companies with no success.  I was told by one prosthetist that the best I could hope for was to walk with two crutches or canes and second admitted that he made more orthotics than prosthetics.  I was beginning to give up on ever living any kind of "normal" life.  Then I found out that Prosthetic Solutions specialized in prosthetics only! I was immediately impressed with their approach and teamwork.  They were sure that I could walk without crutches.  Six months later, thanks to well fitting sockets, exercises to strengthen my muscles, and their clinics, I was able to walk again using only a cane outdoor and no assistive device indoors.  I am now part of a new community!  I can't imagine how much further along I would be if I had known about them from the start."

Lynn Olsen,
Bi-lateral Below Knee Amputee
and Peer Mentor
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