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"Three years ago, I unexpectedly became a bi-lateral below knee amputee. I tried several Prosthetic-Orthotic companies with no success. I was told by one prosthetist that the best I could hope for was to walk with two crutches or canes and the second admitted that he made more orthotics than prosthetics.  I was beginning to give up on ever living any kind of "normal" life.


Then I found out that Prosthetic Solutions specialized in prosthetics only! I was immediately impressed with their approach and teamwork.  I am now part of a new community! I can't imagine how much further along I would be if I had known about them from the start."

Lynn Olsen,
Bi-lateral Below Knee Amputee
and Peer Mentor
Tennis again!

New to Silicon Valley, we fit Shane for the first time in 2019. He had been an amputee for most of his life and was concerned about breaking his foot but we assured him that we had him covered. 2 weeks after we fit him he was rock climbing at our Planet Granite event in Belmont and he hasn't stopped.


From Shane, April 2021, "I have picked up backpacking during Covid. I've hiked Yosemite (twice), the Grand Canyon, The Lost Coast Trail, among many others with this leg. I think the biggest issue I had with foot maintenance was when I spent 5 weeks in Hawaii. All the sand wasn't great for wear and tear. This has been the best leg I've ever had!"




                       Shane Harvey,

                       Peer Mentor




We are very happy to hear! 

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